And sometimes we need to focus our attention to really take charge.


Often, we—as humans—don’t get to choose what happens or how it happens. We do get to choose how to respond and, through our actions and responses, we may overcome obstacles and persevere through our struggles.


Working with a therapist involves exploration and investigation of your habits, behaviors, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. My approach is to encourage honesty as you look inward to identify how your own experiences and stories have evolved. While working together, you will either begin or deepen your mindful attention to your mind and body’s experiences. We’ll curiously examine what you tell yourself about your past and about your present; we’ll consider whether these notions serve you; we’ll then discuss how a different approach might lead to increased wellness or healing or internal balance. Ultimately, you will get to decide how you want to approach your experiences as you seek to align your internal values with your external decisions.


Therapy with me will likely focus as much on your mental life as your physical life. I will encourage you to reflect on and pinpoint physical sensations in addition to mental thoughts and emotional responses. To me, therapy=mindfulness=yoga. This is written as an equation because I view these three as effectively the same. If you’re willing, our work together may involve movement; it will involve breath practices.


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As a therapist, I will invite you to learn to listen to yourself as I listen to you. I will attend to what comes up in the room for you and for us, as a strong therapeutic relationship is essential to the work we’ll be doing together. The therapist-client relationship is geared to promote healing and the development of a holistic self; the relationship is also important to provide a connection, a safe and inclusive space, and a collaborative partnership as you exercise courage to navigate the struggles in your life.

I will also challenge you by asking you questions and presenting you with my observations, enabling you to test for yourself whether any hypothesis or insight I share is true for you. I will also promote the possibility you consider alternate paths; this will be an active study. I request your dedication, vulnerability, intention, willingness to sit and be with your discomfort, and honesty or authenticity in our work together.



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